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About us

Shrila Premier Consult (SPC) Sdn Bhd was established in 2014 as a telecommunication engineering company. We began our humble journey in providing services to major vendors and main contractors, helping them build 3G and 4G networks in the country. Our projects focused on In-Building Cellular Systems and Macro Antenna Feeder Installation. SPC also successfully delivered microwave transmission projects for new and swap sites.

Our team has experience in reviving troubled projects and bringing them back to life with rapid assessment and intervention. As an engineering services company, we understand the importance of proper and effective follow through of project management methodologies. Therefore, we employ the latest internationally accepted methodologies ensuring continuous income generation for our clients.

Our Project Managers are Certified Professionals equipped with industry knowledge and analytical skills. We empower our Project Leaders to brace challenges head on and to encourage them to consistently think out of the box in finding innovative solutions. We work closely with clients to plan, execute, track and close projects on timely basis without compromising on quality. Rest assure that when you choose Shrila Premier Consult as a Partner, you will receive the professionalism and priority that you deserve.

Our Mission

Building Engineering Solutions Together

Our Vision

To be the preferred project management and ICT engineering firm.

about us

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